Il lato migliore della screenshot iphone 14

Il lato migliore della screenshot iphone 14

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Dubbio si è scattato quello screenshot ciononostante si desidera modificarlo ovvero contrassegnarlo Durante qualche occasione, è facile toccare l'immagine tra anteprima Durante ignobile a Manca dello schermo.

Apart from this, tapping on the plus icon near the bottom right of the screen unlocks various options. You can add a description to the screenshot, add a text box and type over it, insert your signature, magnify a specific portion and control the opacity.

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You can then paste the screenshot image wherever you want such as in the Notes, Twitter, email, or iMessage. This basically prevents you from flooding your Photos library with unnecessary screenshots.

Un’autorevole ufficio già oggi Per comune smartphone è quella di agire screenshot nel quale vuoi catturare l’sembianza proveniente da un errore conoscitore, intorno a una Fotografia divertente sui social o qualcosa nato da completamente altro.

So, in this step, we assume that you see the thumbnail that shows Per the corner of the device’s screen once you took a screenshot. After that, you can tap it and you will see an editing mode. This way will let you crop, rotate, and do other editing ways before saving the image.

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Taking a normal screenshot on your iPhone is almost second nature but what if you wanted to take a long screenshot and capture everything on the page? Don’t worry, Durante this guide you’ll get to know how to take a traditional screenshot and long screenshot on your iPhone 14.

The good news for Apple users is that the scrolling screenshot feature on iPhone works Sopra many first-party apps.

Step 5. Return to your device’s home screen by pressing the “Home” button, and from there, select “Device” to see other options.

To take screenshot on iOS 14 with the Back Tap feature, you need to enable it first. Also note that this feature is now available for iPhone X, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS series, iPhone 11 series, or later.

There are several different ways to take screenshot on iOS 14. The Back Tap feature makes it more convenient to capture screenshot on iPhone.

The good old way to take screenshots on iPhones with buttons works perfectly aggraziato on the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro models. All you have to do is press the side button and the volume up button together, and that's it (passaggio Apple). The clicca qui iPhone immediately captures the content on the screen and shows it Per the form of a thumbnail that floats for a few seconds Sopra the bottom left corner of the display.

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